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Meet The Designer



How did you get involved in cookie and cake artistry?

Back in 2007, one of my best friends was planning her 10 yr vow renewal and she wanted cookie favors in the shape of a wedding cake. I did some research and thought "I can do this!". At the time, I was living in Sacramento, CA and I made the cookies and shipped them to Colorado Springs, CO to my friend. A few month's later, my husband and I relocated to Colorado Springs, where we now reside.




What is the best thing about making cookies, cupcakes, cakes and cake pops?

Seeing the joy on the faces of the people when I deliver the product. Nothing is more satisfying than a smiling child when they see their creation.


Where does your inspiration come from when it comes to making yummy sweets?


I always ask what the theme of the party is, or what is the person's hobbies, etc. I try to make creations that will have special meaning for my clients. I then start doing research online and I think about my creations when I go to bed at night. It's hard to turn off my mind and sleep. I'm always thinking about cake.



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