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Custom Holiday Cakes

Custom Holiday Cakes

Celebrate the magic of the season with our custom holiday cakes! At Kiss My Buttercream, we craft enchanting cakes that capture the spirit of your favorite holidays. From festive designs to indulgent flavors, our cakes are the perfect centerpiece for your holiday gatherings. Let us sweeten your celebrations with a touch of our bakery's magic!

6 inch round: Starts at $70 (serves 8-12)

7 inch round: Starts at $80 (serves 15-20)

8 inch round: Starts at $90 (serves 14-24)

10 inch round: Starts at $120 (serves up to 36)

12 inch round: Starts at $140 (serves up to 54)

Halloween Cookies Colorado Springs


Unwrap the joy of the season with our delightful holiday cookies! Click the link below to explore our festive collection, featuring beautifully decorated, deliciously crafted cookies perfect for every celebration.

Whether you're gifting, hosting, or simply indulging, our holiday cookies are sure to bring smiles and sweet memories. Don't miss out—click now to discover the magic of our holiday cookies!


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