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Custom Logo Cookies

Custom Logo Cookies



Dive into a world where business meets bliss, and creativity knows no bounds. Our cookies are not just sweet treats; they’re tiny masterpieces designed to reflect your brand’s unique spirit and style.



From sleek logos to vibrant mascots, our cookies add a dash of delicious charm to any corporate event. Imagine your company’s colors and themes brought to life in sugar and icing, each cookie a conversation starter that leaves a lasting impression. Perfect for client gifts, team celebrations, or dazzling conference attendees, these cookies make your brand the star of every show.

Get inspired, get creative, and let’s make your corporate events a bit sweeter, one custom cookie at a time!

$5 each or $60 per dozen (minimum order of one dozen)

Kiss My Buttercream
Taylor Swift Butterfly Cake
Pink and White Buttercream Frosting on Cupcakes
Llama Cookies
Pink Sweet 16 Birthday Cake and Cake Pops
Cake Pops
Monster Cake
Menu & Pricing
Kiss My Buttercream Colorado Springs
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