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Cadet Cupcakes

Cadet Cupcakes

Take flight with our one-of-a-kind confections that celebrate the spirit, dedication, and excellence of our nation's future aviators. Each cupcake is a salute to the bravery and honor of the Air Force Cadets, designed with precision and creativity.

From intricately crafted insignias to edible replicas of jets soaring through the clouds, our cupcakes are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. Imagine biting into a deliciously fluffy base, topped with buttercream in vibrant blues, silvers, and whites, adorned with edible stars and stripes.


Whether you're celebrating a graduation, promotion, or just want to show some Air Force pride, our cupcakes are the perfect way to mark the occasion.

Classic Cupcakes $40 per Dozen (One Flavor per Dozen)

Personalized Cupcakes $50+ per Dozen (One Flavor per Dozen)

USAFA Colorado Springs Cadet Treats


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