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Custom Cadet Cakes

Welcome to the flight deck of sweetness! Our United States Air Force Cadet Custom Cakes are soaring to new heights with creativity and precision. These cakes are meticulously crafted to celebrate the valor and dedication of our brave cadets. Whether you’re looking for a cake to honor a recent graduate, celebrate a promotion, or add flair to a military-themed event, our designs will make your heart take flight!

6 inch round: Starts at $70 (serves 8-12)

7 inch round: Starts at $80 (serves 15-20)

8 inch round: Starts at $90 (serves 14-24)

10 inch round: Starts at $120 (serves up to 36)

12 inch round: Starts at $140 (serves up to 54)

United States Air Force Academy Colorado Springs

Custom Cadet Cakes

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